Joro is the inventor of the "Floating Cork", which became popular through Ken Brooke and Fred Kaps.

Also his "Folded Card to Ringbox" is well-known amongst magicians worldwide.

In 2005 fellow magician Stefan Stamm discovered a short piece of film showing Bruno Hennig performing the floating cork.



This clip can be downloaded here:

Floating Cork- Low Quality (295 kB)
Floating Cork - High Quality (1800 kB
Since decades Bruno Hennig aka Joro is famous for his clear and succinct stage magic. He also performes a wide range of self-invented and improved close-up tricks. To a broad audience he got famous by cruise performances (e.g. Hanseatic together with the late famous German entertainer Peter Frankenfeld), TV-shows in the sixties, theatre shows in the Swiss "Schauspielhaus Zürich" and in the Viennese "Theater an der Wien". He lent his magical hands to the German actor Jürgen Schmidt who played the role of Bartolomeo Bosco in the television play "Die erklärbaren Wunder", dealing with the history of Bartolomeo Bosco.






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Joro is honorary member of the MZvD (the German Magic Circle). He has been member of the commitee of the MZvD at times and  received important awards such as the Kalanag-Ring of the MZvD for his contributions to magics.