Beside many articles in magic magazines three books have been published.

Schenk / Sondermeyer
Das Joro-Buch
sic!-Verlag, 1993

The "Joro-Buch" (Book of Joro) wants to familiarize the reader with Joro's person as well as his magic. Thus the first chapter contains a detailed interview between Joro and the authors Uwe Schenk and Michael Sondermeyer touching all of his magic life. The book is illustrated with many hitherto unpublished photos. In the second chapter of the book his complete stage act with his original patter is explained for the first time and calrified by numerous illustrations. Nine further stage and close-up tricks of Joro are explained in the third chapter.

Kleines Becherspiel Kompendium
sic!-Verlag, 1999


The main issue of the book are six cups and balls routines, suited for the beginner of cups and balls magic, too. Further the reader learns some interesting facts about the cups and balls. Many examples of Joro's cups and balls collections show the variety of shapes and materials of the cups. In the appendix of the book you will find a vast bibliography of English and German literature about the cups and balls

Neues ... vom alten Joro
Zauberbuch-Verlag, 2004


In this book, Joro describes in detail some of his best and previously unpublished tricks from his repertoire.Tissue in the Bottle, Card or Money, Vanishing Water Glass, the Schlangenbaumwurzel (snaketreeroot), Umgang mit der Klebekarte, Folded Card to Ringbox, Das Wollknäuel